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Letting go is a skill

It's hard to start. It's hard to stop when the work isn't turning out as expected. It's hard to accept failure and let go instead of trying 100 different variations of an inherently flawed idea. There are unlimited ideas out there, there is no reason to waste time on the average ones. Fail fast, iterate, and pivot.

I felt the above by the marrow of my bones today when I set out on a simple task to make a cover image for this blog post. Little did I know it would take a better part of two hours to finally let it go. And then the better part of the day feeling that I haven't tried enough.

I have to learn to say no. I made an honest effort and devoted my time to the process entirely. There is nothing better I can do for any piece of art. Sometimes the results are relevant to me, sometimes less so. It's just how it goes. Good rationalization, yet I have to remind myself of it all the time.